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I love taking photographs. I’m guessing, on any given day, I take probably an average of 10 photos. Sometimes it’s of my kids, sometimes it’s of my food, and sometimes – just maybe sometimes – it’s a photograph of nothing at all. While I take tons and tons of photos, few ever really stick out to me as being unique. In many cases, the photograph documents a particular moment in time, and it’s probably only useful to me.

But what I’d really like to do is share these photos – sometimes they are photos of something – a street intersection, a sunset, a flower. The photograph represents my point of view (and, in some cases, from my literal point of view), and I thought was cool.

So here you go, as long as you credit me and provide a link back to this post, you can use any of the photographs listed below for your own projects. Clicking on any of the photographs will take you to the largest image that I have of that site. Some RAW images are available – to find out which ones, please contact me.

Photo Gallery of Objects

Gallery of Textiles

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