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Introducing… My Ride


My Pake Bike

Some people get excited about cars. Others, their boats, motorcycles or skateboards. I get excited about my bikes. The first one I’d like to introduce you to is my Pake fixed gear bike.

I bought this second-hand from a guy here in town last spring. It was a really good price, and I could tell the guy didn’t want to sell it, but he knew he wouldn’t ride it as much as someone else would.

It came with a carbon fork and an extra set of handlebars. It’s a Frankenbike, for sure, but it’s mine, and I know how everything works on it. It has no brake; for those unfamiliar with fixed-gear bikes, the pedals move as the wheels do. This means that I have to use resistance in order to slow down. My wife always wanted an outlaw biker – now she has one.

I’ve gone through 2 crank arms before getting the bottom bracket replaced with something that can support my pesky stopping habits. I’ve replaced the tape on the handlebars; I prefer grip tape instead. I also replaced the chain and the seatpost broke in a most humiliating manner, so that’s been replaced as well. I’m about to swap out the old tires for some new ThickSlick tires that I just bought. After that, I should be set for a while.

I know I should be more worried about weight of the bike, but I just don’t care. My seven year old can pick this bike up with one hand. Plus, it fits my body frame, which is unusual in anything I pursue, and I’m loving the exercise a fixed-bike provides. It’s also a great commuting bike!

My primary purpose for this bike is to get into shape – because it forces me to pedal when I’m on it, I’m mostly sticking to flat parts of town with plenty of bike path. You can find my Strava feed to the right!